Considered and considerate.

Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company with clinical operations, researching, developing, and delivering psychedelic medicine to better treat Addiction.

Awakn Clinics use’s evidence-based healthcare design principles to create an environment that supports patients and practitioners equally in the delivery of Psychedelic Psychotherapy proven to create meaningful outcomes on behalf of patients.

We created a place to enable Awakn’s work. Both considered and considerate. When we talk about being considered, we mean spaces that have been thought through from the client’s point of view. When we talk about being considerate, we mean how our spaces help their clients and their people do their best work every day.

Awakn clinic is not.

This is not a sterile, formal space. It’s not formal and clinical; it’s a comforting embracing hug. It’s not about being processed in anxious isolation; it gives a reassuring feeling of inclusiveness, comfort and positivity. As you would with friends in your own home – warm and containing, and untroubled by external influences

There is no visual noise; it’s uncomplicated, calming, natural, and human. It doesn’t try to fake it. It’s not over designed or superficial; it’s not a place trying to be something it isn’t; it doesn’t try hard. It’s effortless and authentic. 

We are not a wellbeing centre or retreat. So it shouldn’t feel exclusive or ostentatious. It’s understated, but has excellent attention to detail, is beautifully crafted and considered. Everything has a place.

It’s not a rigid formula; it can flex and flow effortlessly. It’s not claustrophobic but subdivided and private, yet open with transparency and space to breathe. It connects with nature and brings the outside in.

We hope that the new clinic alongside the innovative psychopharmacology will play a role in the support, empowerment and transformation of the lives of Awakn’s clients. A place to share, a place to reflect and a place to reconnect.

Kevin Gill

Onefine_day Founder and Director