How we helped a multi-brand, category giant retail like a ‘pro’

Sportmaster is a stalwart of sportswear retail in Russia and the CIS, leading the market in the region with 475 stores and revenues of 1.7 billion US dollars. Highly commercial, its retail operation is finely-tuned – a tried and tested, data-driven model, optimised for its markets to the very last square inch of retail space. 

Our job was to help Sportmaster evolve its image and elevate its multi-brand store experience to bring in a new generation of younger consumers, whilst retaining the loyalty of its traditional shoppers. By making small changes with big impact, we re-engineered the retail experience to amplify Sportmaster’s expertise in sportswear, improve product presentation and simplify how the store is shopped for everybody.

A destination for solutions, advice and customer service, as well as a space to buy products

A new retail communications platform and content strategy helps shoppers navigate the store more easily and connects the physical experience to Sportmaster’s ecommerce site. Product universes, dedicated to a particular sport, bring together clothing, footwear, equipment and crucially, the best of the brand’s advice and customer service in that area. Women are better catered for with a distinct zone that’s in tune with how they shop and the entire store is designed to flex across the two main winter-summer seasons that drive a complete re-merchandising of stores. Fixtures also provide enhanced opportunities for brand partners to tell their stories. A refined ‘pro’ brand identity and refreshed colour palette better reflects Sportmaster’s enhanced positioning and shouts-out where the new ‘pro’ elements of the retail experience can be found.

“The new Sportmaster Pro store concept is meeting all our expectations – successfully elevating Sportmaster’s sports knowledge and expertise in store for the next generation of ‘youngsters’, simplifying the shopping experience for everyone, and clearly connecting our online and offline offer. Kevin and the team at OFD understood our brief completely, bringing their considerable expertise in sports retail design to carefully evolve and refresh key elements of our brand and store experience for more impact. Currently piloted in one store, we plan to open Sportmaster Pro stores in 6 more flagship locations and 26 in total over the coming months. ’

Thomas Schramek

Sportmaster Concept and Format Development Director