How we helped new retail brand, Urban Vibes, be the word in Russian streetwear

Urban Vibes is a new fashion-led, footwear and streetwear retail brand, the latest launch from Sportmaster, Russia’s leading sportswear retailer. Its purpose? Fill the void for a destination multi-brand store in the growing sport fashion mass-market, and aim it squarely at young, urban sneakerheads looking for a place to buy fresh kicks. 

We created Urban Vibes from scratch to launch – everything from its brand positioning, strategic brand platform, brand identity, retail concept and in-store digital platform. The result stands true to what Urban Vibes stands for – a place where youngsters can stand up and stand together, and feel part of a wider urban tribe. At the store’s centre is a flexible ‘social circle’ where shoppers can gather with friends, try on sneakers, or take part in a store-hosted event or product launch.

The place where the latest trends are always available, accessible and affordable

The logo’s trainer icon clearly communicates what it sells to its audience, whilst the name reinforces the brand’s spirit. Visual language is inspired by the accessibility of everyday urban signposting and captures the true feel of the city. Meeting the commercial needs of both brand partners and target consumers, the store concept also has the flexibility to be rolled out fast and at scale – a key part of the brief – across 300 sites in 40 Russian cities.

OneFineDay Design embraced with passion and professionalism our challenge, delivering a unique retail experience within our market and assisted us in every step of our project with exceptional cooperation and expertise. URBAN VIBES came to life in such a complicated period of time, with lockdowns and pressure on consumers. Nevertheless it has been able to deliver from the start extraordinary results in traffic and transactions, fostering an acceleration of our development plans through the testing phase and taking us more quickly than expected to the next phase of store openings.

Michele Suppa

Business Development Director