How the ultimate anti-corporate box activates a creative partnership

PUMA’s creative partnership with Manchester City FC goes beyond 90 minutes on the pitch to celebrate the city’s working heritage and rich culture, taking in non-traditional football influences such as its music and fashion scene. Central to it is the idea that Man City is ‘more than a team or a place but a feeling of belonging, that lifts you up and entertains.’ The Box 50 experience celebrates all this. Probably the most non-corporate box ever created, it’s packed full of exciting pre-, during and post-match entertainment.

A den of football culture to elevate the match experience

We created the whole visitor experience: the name, visual brand identity, digital strategy and interior design. Built slam bang next to the famous glass tunnel, visitors can revel in the action as they watch players pass by, to and from the pitch. The space acts as a modular, experiential, social platform geared for entertainment, designed to be unpredictable and uplifting – just like manager, Guardiola’s, legendary beautiful football. Every moment counts in Guardiola’s game, and so here too, each touchpoint is exploited to build anticipation, heighten the match experience, bring supporters closer to the club, and nurture the Box 50 community.

Box 50 epitomises what Puma stands for; a lounge experience that really brings the brand to life for visitors. It’s not only the design and its execution that are beautiful, but the storytelling inside the four walls is exceptional. Huge thanks to Kevin’s team for understanding the DNA of both Puma and Man City, and turning what we imagined for the space into a reality.

Omar Perez Prieto

Senior Manager City Football Group Partnership